About Us

screenshot-2023-07-25-at-9.09.26-pm.pngMy name is Gloriana, and I am a wedding enthusiast!

I never used to have an interest in wedding planning, until I was blessed to be able to plan my own in 2020. I found the process to be fascinating and over the course of our engagement, I started compiling and creating resources that helped make the process so much easier. I jumped into wedding planning with both feet, and spent hours on the internet, doing research on how to plan an event of this size. I created spreadsheets and checklists and amassed knowledge of the wedding planning industry as a whole. By the time the wedding arrived, I had amassed a pretty hefty repository of wedding planning tips, advice, and industry standards. 

Fast forward 2 years later, and a few friends asked me to help plan their weddings. Over the course of working with them 1:1, I started to refine the resources I had already created, and compiled everything in one place. While I loved planning weddings, I realized that traditional wedding planning is very time consuming, and only allowed me to help one person at a time.
So, I came up with a solution! 
If you're a bride like me, who wants to plan their own wedding and/or can't afford a wedding planner, I have created this program just for you. Our mission at Weddings Unveiled is to equip brides to plan their own wedding on a budget, without spending hours and hours on the internet like I did. Cut through all the repetitive information and lengthy blog posts, and learn exactly what you need to know to plan your own wedding with confidence. 

Finally, why should you trust me? Beyond planning my own wedding (and a few others since!), I have a background in event planning and execution. In college I was a Resident Assistant and led several campus-wide events. I also worked for a few years as an Office Coordinator at a tech company and helped organize several office-wide events there as well. I’m a big planner in many areas and it’s something I really love!



 Hi friends! A fellow DIY Bride, I tied the knot in January 2023 with the help of Gloriana's epic planning resources and guidance. I've known Gloriana since middle school and little did we know then that I'd stand by her side on her wedding day, she'd help plan my Best Day ever too, and we'd join forces to kickstart a business. 

I'm a recruiter by trade and love building relationships in and out of my 9 to 5 job. Connect with us online and let's keep the conversation going about YOUR big day. We can't wait to meet you!